Heartdub®, a multinational AI Chinese startup, is primarily involved in the fashion industry that has recently developed a technology to provide virtual fabric samples to clothing manufacturers.

HeartDub’s platform is composed of a materials database, design images and images of sample clothes worn by a virtual model. 

Fashion brands also need to make fewer samples of clothing because they can see how they will look, thanks to the virtual models. Production costs can be cut by 70% and sample delivery time is shortened by 90%.

The software gathers data on textile materials and generates virtual fabrics that imitate the properties of the real garment fabric. The startup’s goal is to digitize logistics in the apparel industry and provide online solutions for the development and selection of textile materials, and the production of clothing samples.

HeartDub’s platform includes a materials database, design images and simulated images of clothes worn by virtual models. The database comprises information on various fabrics, patterns and colors. Designs are created by combining them, and the digital clothes put on a virtual model programmed to make various body movements to show how they would look in real life.

Li Ruohao, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, informs that virtual fabric-making starts with analyzing the structure of actual fabrics and inputting the data into the software, called a ‘physics-engine,’ to simulate a fabric’s physical properties. HeartDub’s laboratory already has extensive data on frequently used fabrics. The characteristics of these virtual fabrics correspond to those in the real world. Allowing their texture, weight and movements to be accurately simulated.

HeartDub®’s main customers are fabric makers and fashion brands. Manufacturers upload newly developed textiles to the platform. Fashion labels then select the texture, pattern, and design online. After examining how the clothing looks on virtual models, they decide whether to purchase the fabric.

Li Ruohao said, “The company’s digital platform allows fabric makers to complete the steps up to a preorder presentation at no cost, thereby cutting their overall development cost by about half.”

Virtual fashion shows in the future will provide an opportunity for businesses to showcase new products, transforming the apparel industry into a digital one with the potential for sustainable growth.

HeartDub® aims to unleash the next generation of neural network-powered technology and bring sustainable fashion to an entirely new level of experience. Its commitment is to excellence drives in every aspect of the operation process. With the world’s best and brightest minds, the company accomplishes things that were never before possible.

本文源自:Textile Today

Chinese Startup Brings AI to the Apparel Industry
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